Melting ice is creating new opportunities and risks.

Andreas Raspotnik
The Arctic is once again a zone of geopolitical interest. Countries that nobody would ever have connected with the Arctic increasingly see the region as an area of vital strategic interest.

​In response, major international actors – the US, Russia, China and the European Union – are building up their presence and seeking greater influence in the Arctic and across the Wider North, including in the Baltic countries. 

Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung Baltic States, in cooperation with Loughborough University, invite you to join them for a webinar with an expert panel to discuss recent developments in US, Russia, China and the EU Arctic strategy and the implications for the geopolitics of the Wider North. 

One of The High North Center's expert on these matters, Andreas Raspotnik, is among the panelists in this webinar, called  "The Role of the Arctic in recent and future security challenges in the Wider North". 

Recent developments in US, Russia, China and the EU Arctic strategies and the implications for the geopolitics of the Wider North will be discussed by international experts.

The guests are: 

Prof. Caroline Kennedy-Pipe, Loughborough University, Head of Politics and International Studies

Dr. Marc Lanteigne, UIT, The Arctic University of Norway, Associate Professor, Political Science Department of Social Sciences

Dr. Andreas Raspotnik, High North Center for Business and Governance, Nord University, Senior researcher, & The Arctic Institute, Senior Fellow

Dr. Rebecca Pincus, US Naval War College, Assistant Professor, Strategic and Operational Research Department

Comments: Gints Jegermanis, Director of European Department at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Latvia

Moderator: Dr. Duncan Depledge, Loughborough University, Lecturer in Geopolitics and Security

The event is online on Zoom and will be at the following time February 22nd, 2021:

Baltic Countries 3.30 pm (UTC+2),
United Kingdom 1.30 pm (UTC),
US, 8.30 am (UTC-5)

To register for the webinar click HERE​ or follow the link in the program attached.