What's Circular Economy all about?

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Join our online short course to gain knowledge and skills and connect with others from focal industries.

​​​​​Circular Economy for the Oil & Gas Industry (CE4O&G) supports the Norwegian oil & gas industry, and the related supplier industries’ transition to more circularity. The program’s aim is to upgrade participants' existing industry-specific competences, with additional circular economy (CE) related knowledge skills and competences. The program is aimed towards participants either employed or currently unemployed, from the oil, gas and supplier industries.

Circular Economy (CE) is to replace the current take-make-waste industrial model, by aiming to decouple the relationship between growth and material use through, e.g. reusing, remanufacturing or recycling strategies. Oil & gas, and related supplier industries can achieve scalable benefits from transitioning towards more circularity. The changes related to these industries are on the horizon in the new more circular world, but the sector can most likely leverage its knowledge and experience, if prepared for the new shifts.

This online course in English will provide its participants knowledge and skills to recognize and better implement circular economy opportunities. CE4O&G offers several interactive learning experiences, e.g. a streaming event on public policy, an interactive CE World Café event to increase communication skills for CE, industry inputs for topics such as oil and gas industry in the green shift and the greening of the oil and gas supply chains. 

The course takes place between February and April 2021.​ 

The planned kick off for the course is February 17th at 17:30 CET.

​You apply here​, and the deadline is January 22.