Experience English Language and Literature: Autumn Package

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Opptak til studieprogrammet krevergenerell studiekompetanse.

Søkere som ikke har generell studiekompetanse, og er 25 år eller eldre, kan søke om opptak på grunnlag avrealkompetanse.


Søknadsfrist og opptak

Søknadsfrist 20. april 2022

Velkommen til studiestart 2020


Welcome to Experience English! We are delighted to have you on board as a student in one of our exciting new semester packages. ​

This term, teaching methods for all English classes have been adjusted to promote health and safety while ensuring quality instruction at the high level we are nationally famous for.

If you are a student in Experience English, your fall semester classes will be taught entirely online. This means that there will be no physical meetings, but your active participation in our online activities is still required. The 'study trip' to the Norwegian Study Centre, York, UK, in week 45 will be virtual, with online teaching and activities provided by the NSC teaching team at no cost to you and with no travel required. Please contact your instructors for more information, and/or see below for additional information:

British Studies: (team-taught): ken.r.hanssen@nord.no

Short Stories from Around the World and Business English: rashi.rohatgi@nord.no

Oppmøte første dag 

For all new students taking English classes at Nord, there will be a general information meeting on Friday, August 14, from 9-11 a.m. in auditorium Regine Normann – lenke til MazeMap. We recommend that you attend this meeting in person if possible, but it will also be recorded and streamed online. At this meeting, you will have the chance to meet your instructors and learn about your classes. 

Instruction for all English classes begins in week 35 according to the timetables published on TimeEdit. 

Students must have registered themselves on StudWeb and paid their student fees before week 35, so that you can be registered on Canvas.



If you have questions about your semester program, please contact Dr. Jessica Allen Hanssen, faculty responsible for English semester packages: jessica.a.hanssen@nord.no


You can register yourself as a student as soon as you have received your student number. After your registration is complete, you will have access to Nord University's digital resources, including Office 365, the university library, and Canvas, which is our online teaching platform.


This semester, it is especially important that you ensure your access to these digital resources as soon as possible.


Mottatt studentnummer? 

>>Register deg som student ved Nord universitet 

>> Les mer om hvordan studiehøsten 2020 blir ved Nord universitet.  

Studentliv og annen praktisk informasjon


Whether your English classes are entirely online or hybrid, it is important for you to have the right equipment. All students should have the following technological support and course literature:


Operating system PC: at least Windows 10 or newer
Operating system Mac: at least Mojave (10.14) or newer 
Recommended browser: Chrome  
Minimum i3 2GHz processor  
Minimum 4GB RAM  
10GB available storage 

Web camera and audio input/output


Internet speed 

Minimum 2 Mbit/s for general internet use 
6 Mbit/s for Zoom with video (participating in seminars)
2 Mbit/s for Zoom without video (listening to lectures) 


Course literature
Studies of English language, literature, and culture have a fairly extensive reading list. Our experienced lecturers will help you work through and understand the readings, but it is the students' responsibility to have read in advance of each class session. While many of our texts are public domain and readily available online for free, it is highly advisable to purchase the textbooks and additional readings such as novels, in order to make the most of the lectures and discussions. 

We recommend using paper copies whenever possible, and these are available for local students at Nord's Akademika bookstore as part of their “pensumpakke" that can be ordered in advance and picked up at the bookstore by appointment. This is the fastest and most convenient way to ensure that you have the correct books. For distance and/or international students, the same books can be purchased online, using Akademika, Amazon, Book Depository, or another third-party vendor. Please check the ISBN numbers as you order to ensure that you will have the same editions as your instructors. Our books are also available for loan from the university library, in physical and often e-book form. Since there are quite a few books on the reading list, some students may prefer to use an e-reader such as a Kindle for convenience, and this is fine as long as you are reading the same texts. Reading lists for each class will be distributed at the opening meeting on August 14th and published on Canvas immediately following. 

Above all, we would advise online students to acquire the course booklists early, so that you have adequate time for reading as the semester begins. Success in English depends on having good time management skills and keeping up with the course requirements.



The English Department takes your learning needs seriously and will endeavor to work with you to maximize your potential. If you require accommodations for learning, including if you are in a risk group for COVID-19, please apply for the specific accommodations you require:

>> Les mer om tilrettelegging i studiehverdagen. ​​

Studiepoeng 30
Type studium Kortere studier
Studieform Heltid
Språk Engelsk
Politiattest Nei
Studiested Bodø

Søknadsfrist og opptak

Søknadsfrist 20. april 2022

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