Ansattbilde: Marta Lindvert

Marta Lindvert

Bodø, Mørkvedgården 243

Background: PhD in Business from Mid Sweden University, Sweden. The thesis, " Resource acquisition and the complexity of social capital : Perspectives from women entrepreneurs in Tanzania and Pakistan" is based on field studies among women entrepreneurs in the two contexts. Focus is on financing and resource acquisition and the role of social capital.

Reserach interest: I am interested in womens´ entrepreneurship, and how gender norms and cultural values create opportunites or barriers for women in different contexts. My research focus is on financing and resource acquisition.

Current projects:

GENRE (Gender in entrepreneurial ecosystyems)

NEED (Network for Engaged Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies)

Teaching: I have mainly been teaching financing, project management and entrepreneurship at different levels, as well as supervising bachelor and master students.

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