Gjeldende emnebeskrivelse (sist oppdatert 2023/24)
Anvendt økonomi og administrasjon
Gjeldende emnebeskrivelse (sist oppdatert 2023/24)

Anvendt økonomi og administrasjon


This course offers the students practical experience of economics and administration through a internship at partner companies to the Business School. The internship project takes place during the summer period between the 4th and the 5th semester, and is an integrated part of the bachelor programme. The purpose is to provide the students with an opportunity to apply the theoretical insight and the methodological knowledge obtained during the first two years of their bachelor studies in a real-life situation in a Norwegian or in a non-Norwegian setting.The report must include:

  • Information about the relevance of the internship to the study programme in general
  • Information about the relevance of the study programme to the internship
  • An analysis of any new scientific needs within the profession which should/ might be undertaken by the study programme

Det er mulig å søke opptak til emnet som enkeltemne. Det tas forbehold om ledig kapasitet på emnet. Søkeren må oppfylle gjeldende opptakskrav for Bachelor i økonomi og ledelse.

Mer informasjon om enkeltemneopptak og frister.


  • Have broad knowledge about a company's organisation and work from an administration/ applied economics point of view.
  • Be familiar with, and have broad knowledge of,the host company's products.
  • Be familiar with the host company's competitive, economic, and financial situation, as well as its marketing strategies.
  • Be able to explain issues from the internship that are relevant to the bachelor programme, including theories and methods used during the course of the internship and the results obtained.
  • Be able to understand and account for the connection between the theory included in the programme and administration/ applied economicspractice


  • Be able to assess theories and methods used and relate them to the theoretical and/or empirical principles and methods used in the previous courses.
  • Be able to reflect about the needs and potentials of the profession and provide the relevant feedback to the study program responsible.
  • Be able to enhance the professional and academic links between the hosting organizations and Nord University.


  • Be able to document the internship in an internship report and thus making it possible to evaluate whether the learning objectives of the internship have been met.
  • Be able to analyse and reflect on the academic, work-related and social benefits of the internship.
  • Manage complex and development-oriented situations in a study and work context
Utover semesteravgift og pensumlitteratur forutsettes det at studenten disponerer en bærbar datamaskin.
The study programme is evaluated annually by students by way of course evaluation studies. These evaluations are included in the universitys quality assurance system.