Current active subject description (last updated 2023/24)
Scientific Methods
Current active subject description (last updated 2023/24)

Scientific Methods

The course provides a basic grounding in scientific methods in the science of biology ranging from hypothesis forming, data collection and statistical data analyses to presenting scientific results.
Admission to the course follows the admission requirement in the bachelor program in biology.

On successful completion of the course:


The candidate should:

  • Have basic knowledge of key theory and methods for scientific investigation
  • Have knowledge of basic data analysis
  • Understand the ethical challenges involved in scientific investigations


The candidate should:

  • Be able to locate, assess and refer to scientific information from a specter of sources and make reasoned choices
  • Be able to reflect on their academic performance and adjust this under supervision

General competence The candidate should:

  • Show understanding of key areas of scientific research
  • Be able to convey biological knowledge as theories, research questions, research results both orally and in writing
In addition to the semester fee and syllabus literature, students are expected to have a laptop with microphone and camera. Students must purchase their own laboratory coat for use in courses with laboratory exercises.
Compulsory: BSc in Biology

Lectures, seminars, tutored student projects, laboratory work, fieldwork.

The course is constructed along several different student projects, in which all steps of scientific methods are carried out by the students based on their own data. Data labs are provided to teach the basic statistical analyses with the software R.

The study programme is evaluated annually by students by way of course evaluation studies (mid-term evaluation and final evaluation). These evaluations are included in the universitys quality assurance system.

Compound assessment, grading rule Letter grades

  • Coursework, counts 0/100 of the grade, grading rule Pass/Fail.
  • Assignment, counts 100/100 of the grade, grading rule Letter grades.