Subject description for 2023/24
Basic and Environmental Chemistry
Subject description for 2023/24

Basic and Environmental Chemistry

Basic general/inorganic chemistry, basic organic chemistry, selected topics from basic biochemistry, selected topics from basic environmental chemistry.

Admission to the course follows the admission requirements of the study program Bachelor in Biology.

The KJ105F Laboratory safety is required prior to the compulsory laboratory work.


The student:

  • Has knowledge of the properties of elements (including the periodic table), salts and molecules in inorganic and organic chemistry, including the most important biochemical substance classes.
  • Has knowledge of the rules for naming compounds in organic and inorganic chemistry.
  • Has knowledge of the most important reaction types in inorganic chemistry (mainly aqueous solutions) and organic chemistry.
  • Has broad knowledge about the general topics within environmental chemistry, and knowledge of research and development work within the field
  • Can update his/her knowledge in the fields of chemistry and environmental chemistry
  • Can scientifically report, using proper scientific terminology, results obtained from basic chemistry experiments.


The student:

  • Can calculate reaction yields, concentrations and pH (both strong and weak acids and bases, and mixtures of acids and bases including buffers).
  • Can apply theoretical knowledge to the performance of simple laboratory tasks.
  • Can reflect upon their observations obtained after performing basic chemistry and environmental chemistry laboratory techniques.

General compentence

The student:

  • Has knowledge and understanding of the risks when working in a chemical laboratory.
  • Can communicate results and theories in writing.
  • Can exchange opinions with fellow students and work alone, or as part of a group.
No tuition fees. Costs for semester registration, course literature, periodic table and calculator apply
Compulsory for Bachelor in Biology

Before the student can take part in the compulsory lab teaching, the student must undergo the KJ105F Laboratory safety course. The laboratory safety course is a precondition to participate in the lab exercises.

The teaching activities in the course presuppose that the student is on campus.

Work requirements (AK) 1 Theory exercises:

  • Students are encouraged to submit all 10 theory exercises.
  • Theory assignments (passed/ not passed), three group assignments, seven individual assignments. One must never have two consecutive unapproved assignments. Otherwise they have to have two new assignments approved next semester or another year.
  • Each theory exercise submitted must have all the assignments answered in order to be approved.
  • Each individual theory exercise that is submitted must have at least 40% correctly answered. This can be 40% of the tasks, 40% right on each of the tasks or combinations of these, as long as 40% in total is right.
  • The first 3 theory exercise is performed in set groups, the last 7 are individual.

Work requirements (AK) 2: Laboratory exercises with subsequent lab reports

  • Students are encouraged to participate in all 3 lab exercises and submit all lab reports.
  • In order to fulfill the work requirement, the student must have performed all the tasks that belong to the lab exercise. In the event of unforeseen events, lab teachers can grant exemption from individual assignments for the student(s) in question. In this case, this must be clarified before leaving the laboratory.
  • There must be at least 2 approved lab reports submitted within the stated deadline.

Compulsory participation:

  • Attendance at at least 2 lab exercises.

General requirements for theory exercises and lab reports:

  • The theory exercises and lab reports are submitted on paper without a cover / binding, within the stated deadline (date and time) at the specified location.
  • The theory exercises and lab reports can be a printout from a data file or handwritten with pen / pencil / marker, or a combination of these.
  • The sheets must be stapled together (not paper clips), and any spiral edges must be cut away.
  • The student's name must be legible at the top of the first page.
  • Theory exercises and lab reports that are not fulfilled in the autumn semester can be completed in the spring semester. For having a theory assignment approved for the second time, the student should request for a new assignment of the same subject if they wish to have it approved in the spring semester. In fall semesters, they can do it together with other students of the course, answering the newly published assignments. Approval of lab reports in the spring semester presupposes that the student has approved compulsory participation for laboratory exercises from the autumn semester. It will not be possible to perform lab exercises in the spring semester.
  • Lab report can only be submitted for lab exercises where the student has participated.
  • In order to be an acceptable lab report, it must contain everything that is requested in the lab booklet, as well as any calculations needed to arrive at the answers. In addition, the report must contain a short conclusion where the student evaluates the results and comments on any deviations from what was expected.
  • Reports that were not approved at the first submission can be resubmitted once, after creation/additions together with the report after the next lab exercise. In this case, the original report must be resubmitted, together with a supplement that corrects what was described in the original report, and/or that contains points that are missing in the original report.
Evaluation using mid-term and final surveys. Students are also encouraged to participate in the central quality surveys.

Compound assessment, grading scale Letter grades

  • Compulsory participation on at least 4 lab exercises, comprises 0/100 of the grade, grading scale Approved/ Not approved.
  • Compulsory participation on at least 2 of 3 lab exercises, comprises 0/100 of the grade, grading scale Approved/ Not approved.
  • Assessment task 1 - Theory excersises, comprises 0/100 of the grade, grading scale Approved/ Not approved.
  • Assessment task 2 - Laboratory exercises with subsequent lab reports , comprises 0/100 of the grade, grading scale Approved/ Not approved.
  • Written school examination, 4 hours, comprises 100/100 of the grade, grading scale Letter grades.
  • Calculator Casio fx-82XXX (XXX may be letters, but not numbers)
  • "Periodensystem der Elemente" or "The Ultimate Periodic Table"
  • Molecular model set

Generating an answer using ChatGPT or similar artificial intelligence and submitting it wholly or partially as one's own answer is considered cheating.