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Programme description

At a time when English is the common language in nearly every domain, from science to industry to education to popular culture, it is hard to deny that a high proficiency in English is needed to participate fully in the world today.

Bachelor of English is a research-based and internationally competitive three-year programme, taught by highly qualified subject specialists, that combines the study of English language, culture and literature. Classes engage a variety of exciting topics, taught with a deep appreciation of history and in a lively, communal atmosphere. Students have opportunities for a study trip to the UK as well as international exchanges to our partner universities in the US, UK, and Japan.

The Bachelor of English opens several opportunities, including continuing with graduate work, or within the professional spheres of travel and tourism, diplomacy and the cultural sector, both in Norway and the wider world.

Career opportunities

The Bachelor of English provides a strong foundation for further studies, including education. Many graduates go on to take a master’s degree or gain the additional certification needed to become teachers. Professional employment within the spheres of business, travel and tourism, diplomacy, and the cultural sector often requires strong skills in English.

Student exchange

Students are encouraged to go on an international exchange during the third year of this programme, for instance to one of Nord University's partner institutions in Japan, the UK or the US. The university has different exchange programmes.

This programme is open to international students at Nord University. Please note that excellent English language skills are expected from students, ideally exceeding the formal minimum requirements.

Following further studies

Completion of the Bachelor of English degree qualifies graduates for further academic study at the Master level. If you build on a master's degree in English, you can take a Practical Pedagogical Education (PPU) and gain formal competence as an English teacher in primary and secondary school.
Bachelor of English is a campus-based degree program. Classes meet in person on a weekly schedule. Attendance is obligatory (80% attendance required in all classes). 

Higher education entrance qualification

Documented proficiency in English language

Learn how to apply

Please Note: It is recommended to have English as a specialization subject in upper secondary school. Students are advised to acquire and familiarize themselves with the course literature at the start of the term.