Employee photo: Alexander Victor Toresen Nynes

Alexander Victor Toresen Nynes

PhD Research Fellow
Fakultet for lærerutdanning og kunst- og kulturfag
Study location
Levanger, G Nordlåna 1212
Areas of expertise
Sport science, Human Movement Science, Learning and Performance development, Motor Control and Learning, Sports Physiology, Neurophysiology, Man-Machine Interface, Neuroscience

My main area of interest is human movement science, skill and performance development from an interdisciplinary approach with specific focus on neurophysiological constraints behind motor control and learning.

The topic of my doctoral project is bilateral communication, where I investigate the neurophysiological mechanisms in the brain and muscles, and how they affect motor control and learning.

I lecture and supervise in sports/movement science, and physical education.

My research areas include neuroscience, sports science, movement science, rehabilitation and development, as well as human-machine interaction.

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