Employee photo: Reda Hemdan Mahmoud Hassan

Reda Hemdan Mahmoud Hassan

PhD Research Fellow
Nord University Business School
Study location
Bodø, Mørkvedgården 220

Reda is a Ph.D. Candidate at Nord University Business School in Bodø, Norway, where he is actively engaged in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Division. His research focuses on Technology and Innovation Management, Human-AI Interaction, and Responsible Artificial Intelligence.

Reda's academic journey includes an MSc in Global Business from Johannes Kepler University (JKU) in Austria, a Master's in Management from the Higher School of Economics in Russia (in collaboration with Bergamo University, Italy, and JKU University, Austria), and a bachelor's degree in Management from Mansoura University, Egypt.

Beyond academia Reda enriches his research with professional experience. He has a background in Human Resources Management, Oracle HCM, and Executive Management, having worked in diverse locations such as Austria, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

Reda teaches master's students about AI and Innovation Management. He uses a mix of theory and real-world examples to help students understand how innovation and AI work together.

In the pursuit of his doctoral degree, Reda is dedicated to exploring human-AI interactions in various contexts and scenarios. His dissertation delves into unravelling human-AI dynamics across innovation, human-AI decision-making in high-risk scenarios in healthcare, and examines the emergence of responsible AI.