Employee photo: Roberto Rivas Hermann

Roberto Rivas Hermann

Associate Professor
Nord University Business School
Study location
Bodø, Mørkvedgården 250
Areas of expertise
Discourse analysis, Internationalisation, International cooperation, Qualitative Research Methods, Environment, Sustainable development, Innovation, Science Technology Studies, High North, Supervision of professional training, Northeast Passage, Sustainable shipping, Arctic infrastructure, Maritime economics

www.chnl.no) where he carries out research on environmental planning with focus on the shipping infrastructure in the Arctic. In the ESD domain, Roberto focuses in the integration of real-world learning teaching frameworks in interdisciplinary graduate courses.

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Bachelor courses

LED1001 ledelse

EKT243 prosjektarbeid

Master courses

LED5007 internasjonal internship

Previous teaching/ guest teaching

VT308 forskningsmetoder og vitenskapteori (master)

Current supervision

Dhaneswara Al Amien. Ph.D. student, (co-supervision 2022-2025)

MBA program 2023/2024 - Zhivareva, Rabben, Arntsen, Iversen/Selboe

Previous supervision

MBA Nord University (2019-2021)

M.S.c. Energy management, Nord University (2020)

B.Sc. Maritime management (BANAU) (2017-2018)

M.Sc. program Environmental Management and Sustainability Science, Aalborg University, 2011-2015.

M.Sc. Global management, Nord U. (2022)

Exchange student, IFRS, Brazil, Master in IP management and innovation technological transfer), 2022, spring

Participatory system for organic certification as an organizational Eco-Innovation: drivers and motivations 2024, Bonzanini Bossle, Marilia; Hermann, Roberto Rivas; Neutzling, Daiane Mülling
Panel 2.3.1 Cruise tourism in the Arctic: sustainable approaches, community impacts, and the role of polar ambassadorship 2024, Hermann, Roberto Rivas; Choquet-Sauvin, Anne; Powell, James; Cabus, Tony; Scheepstra, Annette
Autonomous ships diffusion and application in Arctic waters 2023, Hermann, Roberto Rivas; Al Amien, Dhaneswara; Munim, Ziaul Haque; Stokvik, Kjell
The environmental effects and risks of cargo transportation through the Transpolar Sea Route 2023, Strukov, Mikhail; Kovalenko, Alina; Hermann, Roberto Rivas; Solakivi, Tomi
Understanding European Inland Shipowners' Intention Towards Autonomous Shipping 2023, Al Amien, Dhaneswara; Hermann, Roberto Rivas; Mathisen, Terje Andreas
Arctique : la guerre des glaces 2022, Hermann, Roberto Rivas; Faury, Olivier; Escash, Nicolas; Johansdottir, Ulla; Baer, Lars-Anders; Ben Ytzhak, Lydia
A structured analysis of sustainability in Arctic transport studies 2022, Faury, Olivier; Cariou, Pierre; Hermann, Roberto Rivas; Rigot-Muller, Patrick
Editorial: Circular Business Models and Strategies—The Key to Sustainable Business and Innovative Supply Chains 2022, Frontiers in Sustainability: Volum 3 Sehnem, Simone; Farias Pereira, Susana C.; Silva, Minelle E.; Haensel Schmitt, Valentina Gomes; Hermann, Roberto Rivas; Batista, Luciano
Tension points in the discourse of innovation for a Circular Economy: a case study from Norway 2021, Hermann, Roberto Rivas; Pansera, Mario; Nogueira, Leticia Antunes; Monteiro, Marko
Knowledge needs in sea ice forecasting for navigation in Svalbard and the High Arctic 2021, Veland, Siri; Wagner, Penelope Mae; Bailey, David; Everett, Alistair; Goldstein, Michael; Hermann, Roberto Rivas
Blending entrepreneurship and sustainability education through post-oil economy lenses 2019, Hermann, Roberto Rivas; Bonzanini Bossle, Marilia; Amaral, Marcelo
Institucionalidad para la Gestión del Agua en Nicaragua 2007, Hermann, Roberto Rivas; Gomez, L.I.; Ravnborg, Helle M.