Seminar and conference support

Nord University's seminar and conference support can help you to organise successful arrangements on campus.

​​​​​Nord University has smaller rooms to big auditoriums. Most of our facilities have technical equipment of high quality. Catering is available from Studentinord.

  • Please use the form below:

    Remember that filling out this form is not a confirmation of your booking.
    If you are hosting an event for more than 280 people, please contact us for the possibility to use several facilities or rooms.

    Other enquiries: Write an e-mail to servicet​​ or call us at 75 51 70 00.

    All events, big or small, include practical details that need to be in place before the event itself. Please book your venue and catering and provide us with all relevant information as soon as possible to help us give you the best experience.

  • Studentinord is responsible for catering and serving at all our study locations. Please contact your canteen.

  • Prices below are per venue:

    • Venue 1-19 seats: NOK 200,- / NOK 300,-
    • Venue 20-49 seats: NOK 300,-  / NOK 450,-
    • Venue 50-99 seats: NOK 500,- / NOK 750,-
    • Venue 100-149 seats: NOK 600,- / NOK 900,-
    • Venue 150-199 seats: NOK 900,- / NOK 1350,-
    • Venue 200-282 seats: NOK 1200,- / NOK 1800,-

    Lowest prices apply to events before 4 pm on weekdays. The highest prices apply to events after 4 pm on weekdays + weekends.