Welcome to Bodø – the city at 68 degrees north that offers cultural diversity, urban living and a short distance to magnificent nature!

Bodø is a vibrant town above the Arctic Circle that has a lot to offer students. In addition to diverse cultural experiences, Bodø is the perfect base for outdoor activities and exploration of Northern Norway.

Studenter på plen foran studiestedsbygg. Foto.

Experience Bodø

  • Bodø is a small city with about 50 000 inhabitants. In the centre of Bodø, you will find many restaurants, cafés, nightclubs, and pubs. Sushi, black coffee, or the traditional Northern Norwegian 'møsbrømlefse' – whether you prefer the urban or the traditional, there is a place for you in Bodø.

    Cultural experiences

    The cultural life in Bodø is flourishing and it might be hard to choose among everything the city has to offer. Stormen Concert Hall and Library have received a lot of international attention and have become very popular among the city's inhabitants.

    Bodø has been named a European Capital of Culture in 2024.

    Other highlights include the Nordland Music Festival and the Parken Festival, which draw thousands of happy audience members every year.

    Outdoor experiences

    Bodø is located above the Arctic Circle, on a peninsula in the middle of Nordland's beautiful coastline, and is therefore perfect for those who want an active outdoor lifestyle. A wonderful trail network can be found nearby. In addition, there are several gyms and sports halls.

    Bodø has unlimited opportunities for those who like hiking, skiing, kayaking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, and paragliding. And much more!

    There is also a lot to choose from if you like to shop, from the city centre to City Nord and Hunstad shopping centres outside the city centre.

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  • As a student in Bodø you are a part of a community. There are lots of opportunities to get involved in student unions, sports teams and our very own student house. 

    The International Students Union hosts different events and activities where international students get the opportunity to socialise and look around in Bodø. The union also has a good insight in the different activities and opportunities that you can take part in as a student. If you wish to make the most out of your time here you should check out these opportunities. 

    The students' sports team (Bodøstudentenes Idrettslag) sets up different sports activities every week. Anyone can participate regardless of level.

    Samfunnet is the students' very own house, owned and run by its' members. With events such as Thursday quizzes, theme parties, board game nights, concerts, debates and standup there is something for everyone. As a volunteer at Samfunnet you can try out bartending, marketing, stage work, event planning and much more. 

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  • The airport, train station and quay are all located within walking distance of the city center. The university is located approximately 9 kilometers from the city centre. Nord University has student accommodation located right by the city centre, as well as within walking distance of the university.

    The easiest way to get around Bodø is by bus or car. Buses run every 10-15 minutes between the city and the university on week days.

    You can find timetables and more information about taking the bus in Bodø at