Nesna is a small and idyllic study location in Nordland surrounded by beautiful fjords and majestic mountains.

The campus infrastructure is tailored for the studies in order to provide students with the best possible framework.

Students at Nesna have access to:

Although Nesna is a small town, there is a lot going on. There are pubs, cafés, restaurants, training facilities, sports teams, a theater group and band, as well as a number of teams and associations.

Nesna is also a great location for outdoor activities and nature lovers. With access to mountains, the forest, and the ocean, there are many opportunities for activities such as kayaking, fishing, sea eagle safari, and skiing. Nesna is a good starting point for experiencing everything the Helgeland coast has to offer.

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Studiested Nesna, Nord universitet
  • Nesna is located along the coastal route on the Helgeland coast. You get here with bus from Mosjøen or Mo i Rana, or by high-speed ferry from both Sandnessjøen, Bodø and the Helgeland islands.

    Avstandskart for studiested Nesna. Illustrasjon/grafikk.
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