Igor Szczepan Babiak

Professor Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
+47 75 51 79 22
Bodø, Hoved Campus 2113

About me

Bakgrunn // Background


Reproductive biology, genetics, and biotechnology of fish


Kompetanseområder // Field of expertise


Molecular regulation of early development and germline development in fish

Control of fish reproduction

Regulatory RNAs

Undervisning & Veiledning // Tuition, Lecturing & Supervision experiences


Supervision experience:

11 PhD students, 19 MSc students, 5 BSc students, 10 postdoctoral researchers



BI228F Biotechnology

BI210F Molecular Cell Biology

BI132F Biochemistry and Cell Biology


Forskningsinteresser // Research interests


Execution of parental instruction, contained in gametes, into a complex multicellular organism. The regulatory network consists of genome, transcriptome and proteome, which additionally can follow diverse modifications. How do these intricate elements shape the development of an organism at the onset of life?