Roberto Rivas Hermann

Associate Professor Nord University Business School
+47 75 51 78 39
Bodø, Mørkvedgården 250

About me

Roberto is an engineer in Environmental Quality with a Ph.D. in Planning and Development. His research touches upon different issues of environmental planning from an institutional and organizational perspective. His three main areas of research are: i) Sustainable supply chain management SSCM ii) Sustainability in the shipping industry SSI and iii) Education for sustainable development ESD. Within the SSCM area, Roberto has contributed to filling in gaps between the relationship of the SCM, innovation and entrepreneurship literatures. In his current project in this domain, Roberto analyzes contingencies of "circular economy" as a discursive construction in the context of Norwegian new product development projects. Within SSI, Roberto currently works with the Centre for High North Logistics ( where he carries out research on environmental planning with focus on the shipping infrastructure in the Arctic. In the ESD domain, Roberto focuses in the integration of real-world learning teaching frameworks in interdisciplinary graduate courses.

GrowKudos: Popular explanation of scientific work

Website of the Centre for High North Logistics


Bachelor course

ECO2006 Applied economics and adminstration (International internship in Brazil, summer program)


Master courses

LED 5007- International internships in Brazil and South Africa, summer program

 ORG 5015 Sustainable Arctic Logistics

VT308E - Research Theory and Methods

Entrepreneurial opportunities in post-oil economies (Summer School 2018, in collaboration with Federal Fluminense University, Brazil)

Current supervision
  Dhaneswara Al Amien. Ph.D. student, (co-supervision 2022-2024)

Previous supervision

MBA Nord University (2019-2021)
M.S.c. Energy management, Nord University (2020)
B.Sc. Maritime management (BANAU) (2017-2018)
M.Sc. program “Environmental Management and Sustainability Science”, Aalborg University, 2011-2015.
M.Sc. Global management, Nord U. (2022)
Exchange student, IFRS, Brazil, Master in IP management and innovation technological transfer), 2022, spring