Course Literature

Every course has a syllabus. The syllabus may consist of both printed and digital literature. There are several ways to find and acquire course literature.
  • An overview of course literature is available in the course room in Canvas (e-learning platform). You must have an active student status at Nord University before you can log in to Canvas.

    • ​Find your study programme in the overview of international courses.
    • Open "See study plan" in the overview
    • Click on a course in the relevant semester to view the course website.
    • Under "Curriculum literature", click on the link to "Leganto". Leganto is Nord University's system for course literature. 
  • Go directly to Leganto (the course literature system) and search for a course name or code.

  • The University Library has minimum one copy of books used as course literature. The Library does not have compendia for loan.

    You can find books and articles, including course literature, by searching in Oria.

    On the Library's website​, you can find general information about searching for academic literature.

  • You can purchase course literature, both books and compendia, at Akademika​ in Bodø and​ Levanger.

  • You can buy books included in your course literature at our bookshops (Akademika) in Bodø and Levanger. 

    Students may download digital compendia to the Bookshelf app via Akademika. You can download versions of the app for PC/Mac, tablet, e-reader and mobile​. ​

    Bookshelf lets you take notes, bookmark, listen to text and create flashcards.

    How to access course literature through Bookshelf

    Go to Akademika webshop:

    1. Log in using your Feide username (student number) and password.
    2. Find your course literature, choose "Lifetime access" and add to the basket.
    3. When you have added all the literature you wish to purchase, open your basket.
    4. Check your order and choose your payment method. You will also be asked to agree to the terms and conditions, including no refunds on purchases of digital reading materials.
    5. When you have completed your order, you will be sent a link to access your literature. The link works ONCE ONLY so make sure you complete the transfer process once you have started.
    6. When you click on the link you will be asked to sign in to Bookshelf, or register a new account.
    7. When you have logged in to Bookshelf, you will have access to your literature in your personal library.

    You can still purchase printed compendia from our bookstores. If the store is closed, you can order printed compendia by emailing or​