Guidance about exchange

Do you have questions about going on exchange from Nord University?
  • If you have general questions about exchange, please contact the International Office.

    Opening hours
    10:00 AM to 14:00 PM, Monday to Thursday.
    Our office in Bodø is by the main entrance, in Levanger we are in Paviljong 3.

    Phone no.: +47 75 51 78 70

    Book online guidance
    Elena Popova - ​Exchange through Erasmus+
    Kai-Martin Johnsen ​- Exchange outside of Europe​
    Øystein Strømsnes - Exchange and Placement in Europe

    Contact us by e-mail
    Facebook: Utveksling fra Nord

  • All faculties have their own International faculty coordinator. They can help you with all questions related to subjects, practice, internships and academic approval.

    Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
    Jose Antonio De Pool Moran

    Faculty of Education and Arts
    Liselotte Karlstad

    Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences
    Ingrid Bergem Sand

    Faculty of Social Sciences
    Jowan Abbas Mohammed

    Business School
    Sandra Wiik

  • If you have questions related to exchange through the Erasmus+ program or exchange in Europa, please contact our Erasmus+ coordinator; Elena Emilova Popova.

  • If you have questions about exchange outside of Europe, please contact; Kai-Martin Johnsen, Øystein Strømsnes

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