Nomination guide for partner institutions

All inbound exchange and internship students must be nominated by their home institutions.
  • To nominate students for exchange at Nord, log into Nomination web. This is our online nomination system for all our partners. We advise you use lower case letters when you log in.  

    Your username is your email address or the institutional email address.  

    If it is your first-time logging in, you must request a password. It will be sent to your email account.  

    If you have forgotten your password, you must request a new one.  

  • You must register the following information about the student when you nominate: 

    • Email address 
    • Name (it must be in accordance with the student's passport) 
    • Gender 
    • Date of birth 
    • Citizenship (also in accordance with the passport)  
    • Semester  

    After you have filled out all the information, check that it is correct and click Add nomination.  

  • There are 4 faculties that you can nominate your student to through this system. Remember to pick the correct faculty for your student. You can find more information about what each faculty offers here.

  • The student will receive an email approximately 30 minutes after you complete the nomination with instructions. An email containing log in information will be sent in a separate email.  

  • E-mail toubles?

    Cannot find the faculty or semester package?

    • You can find a full list of all the semester packages each faculty offers here. If you are unsure of which faculty to nominate your student to, please contact our International Office for guidance.

    Forgot to upload documentations for your students?

    • Students can upload documentation in the application portal.

    Nominations without an agreement will not accepted.