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Business and Governance in the Arctic


Programme description

Business and Governance in the Arctic is a semester package that aims to broaden candidates' understanding of governance and business, sustainable development, and green transition within and across companies in the context of the Arctic.

This semester package is only offered for international exchange students from partner universities. 

Career opportunities

Students may apply to the Master of Science in Global programme.

Following further studies

The semester package corresponds to 30 ETCS and may be recognised as one semester of graduate educational programmes.

This semester package is only offered for exchange students from partner universities. Please go to student exchange to Nord for more information about the admissions process at Nord University.

Exchange students are admitted on the basis of nomination by their home institution. This means that the student will have to apply to their home university first to participate. The home institution will provide the student with information about the admission requirements. 

The student must have a relevant bachelor degree within business or social sciences.