Subject description for 2024/25
BirdID National bird appearance
Subject description for 2024/25

BirdID National bird appearance

"BirdID National" is an online study for students outside Norway, with the main emphasis on identifying birds using appearance. The exam is also online. Registration for the exam is done at (not on Nord's pages). There you will also find more information about the study, textbook and training program.
This study has its main emphasis on identifying birds using their appearance.The species must be recognized regardless of age, season or gender.

Apply at (MyPage)

Completed upper secondary school.

Fulfilment of English requirements according to the NOKUT GSU list


Students are admitted according to the time of application. Applications for this study are made via local admission.

The application deadline is 1 November for the autumn semester, and 1 May for the spring semester.


The student has knowledge about:

  • Characteristics of the appearance of different taxonomic groups of birds, regardless of age, sex and seasonal variations
  • Characteristics of birds species appearance, regardless of age, sex and seasonal variations
  • Habitat selection and behavior in birds that are important for species identification
  • The most common bird species in the region


The student can:

  • Determine the species of the most common birds in the field based on appearance and behaviour, regardless of age, sex and seasonal variations
  • Use habitat and geographical area as aids to assess the probability of whether the presumed species is correct


The student

  • Has knowledge of important digital resources about birds
  • Have trained their ability to detect and species determine birds in the wild

The study has an interactive web-based approach and consists of independent studies using our digital tools at

A large degree of self-study is required in order to achieve the course's learning outcomes.

Evaluation using mid-term and final surveys. Students are also encouraged to participate in the central quality surveys.

Work requirements:

10 web-based practice sets/exam mode with a minimum of 40% of the maximum score.

The exam is web-based and consists of birds that must be identified.

Nord University must approve the application to take the exam. After approval, a link to the exam module will be sent out, which gives access to take the exam when the student wishes within the applicable deadlines, and after completing work requirements.

It will be possible to take a new exam after three months. Best results will prevail. The exam result is given on a graded scale.

Generating an answer using ChatGPT or similar artificial intelligence and submitting it wholly or partially as one's own answer is considered cheating