Subject description for 2024/25
International Governance and Business in the High North
Subject description for 2024/25

International Governance and Business in the High North

The course focuses on developing knowledge about opportunities for value creation in the High North, as well as on an international dialogue between interested parties concerned with High North.

Rapid climate change, business development, and international cooperation in the High North mean that more knowledge is needed. Also, the High North is a region where new opportunities to exploit natural resources, new trade routes and increasing human activities may have major consequences for the environment and society, and there is a great responsibility to ensure sustainable management of region¿s business and societal development. Different debates include issues of governance, discovery, access and use of mineral and hydrocarbon resources in the Arctic, possibilities for new maritime routes, cross-border cooperation, fisheries, opportunities for Arctic tourism development, as well as the support of indigenous communities and human resources in High North.

The scenario workshop is an important part of the course. During the scenario workshop, students will learn about different methodologies for scenario building and use one of them to produce scenarios on a predefined topic, working in multidisciplinary groups. In advance, students will be given a specific scenario topic developed by relevant stakeholders in the Arctic and relevant for the High North Dialogue conference.

As the part of education activities, Master students will take part in the High North Dialogue Conference organized by High North Center at Business School. The focus of the conference is dialogue: the dialogue between young people and the Arctic regions' representatives from industry - ranging from maritime to land-based industry, authorities and academics to share information and discuss the best practices to tackle challenges in the region. For an updated version of the conference program, please visit

It is possible to apply for admission to the course as a single course. There are reservations about the available capacity on the course. The applicant must meet the current admission requirements for the Master of Science in Global Management.

More information about single courses and deadlines.


  • have advanced knowledge of High North region development based on geopolitical, economic, regulatory and stakeholders-oriented approaches from national and global perspectives;
  • have theoretical underpinnings of foresight management in general and scenario building in particular;
  • have thorough knowledge about conceptual differences between prognosis, forecasting, trend projections and scenario building;
  • can apply components of scenario building methodologies with examples of the Shell methodology: assumptions, uncertainties and wildcards;
  • can analyze the institutional and business issues surrounding resource management and sustainable development of the High North.


  • can analyze complex the interplay between the (geo)political, economic, legal, technical, environmental, etc. driving forces in terms of formulating the structures of the future;
  • can apply knowledge from different disciplines in formulating and presenting basic images of the possible future;
  • can analyze and discuss political, economic and legal foundations for sustainable High North development.

General competence

  • can analyze opportunities and challenges for implementing foresight management in organizations;
  • can demonstrate their communication skills by providing convincing arguments about their own worldview;
  • can apply their knowledge and display the creativity in solving potential challenges and problems for an organization;
  • can contribute to the innovative thinking about sustainable development in the High North
Paid semester fee and syllabus literature. It is also required that students have a laptop at their disposal.

Teaching in the classroom, intensive project work with scenarios, company visits and master-classes;

Obligatory participation in the High North Dialogue conference.

The study programme is evaluated annually by students by way of course evaluation studies. These evaluations are included in the universitys quality assurance system.

All support materials allowed. Generating an answer using ChatGPT or similar artificial intelligence and submitting it wholly or partially as one's own answer is considered cheating.