Bilde av sjøstjerne tatt av Galice Hoarau
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Ecology and Arctic Marine Biology


Programme description

Our semester package in Ecology and Arctic Marine Biology is perfect for biology students interested in ecology and arctic marine biology, and who want to experience the nature in Northern Norway. This programme provides you with a comprehensive understanding of current topics in ecology and arctic marine biology, giving a solid background for future studies in different aspects of ecology and biology. The programme combines traditional teaching on campus with excursions.

Career opportunities

Upon completion of the semester package you will have gained knowledge in marine biology and ecology with specialisation in the high-north.

Following further studies

The semester package credits 30 ETCS and can generally be acknowledged as one semester of undergraduate education at universities. The courses offered in the semester package can generally be related to undergraduate programmes within ecology or marine biology depending on the overall course composition.

Upon transfer to our Bachelor of Science in Biology and graduation in the programme, students are qualified for the following studies at Nord University:

Master in Biosciences.

Minimum 1.5 years of full-time studies within biology or related fields.

Please note: this semester package is designed specifically for exchange students.

How to apply for student exchange

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