To personer som går på en isbre.
Shorter programme

Extreme Environments


Programme description

How do humans react physiologically and cognitively  in extreme environments? In this course, field-based experience and practical exercises are central concepts. You will  learn about physiological and psychological responses to extreme environments whilst for example building snow caves, swimming/bathing in the Arctic waters, skiing, winter hiking and ice-climbing .

Student exchange


Note:Compulsory participation on location in Norway in March only.

Time schedule:

January and February: Preparation on location of choice.

March: Compulsory participation on hiking-tours etc. in Nordland/Bodø, Norway. The students are required to have arrived in Bodø no later than March 1. The students can travel back to their home university March 31.

April and May: Individual work on location of choice.

Higher Education Entrance Qualification

English language proficiency

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