Kvinne står på en strand, omgitt av nordlys.
Shorter programme

Norwegian and Indigenous Language and Culture

Programme description

Come to the Northern Norway for a unique experience! This semester package gives you an introduction to the Norwegian language (bokmål) and Saami languages and culture, both through lectures and excursions.

The programme is open for students from universities FLU has an agreement with.

Free movers can also apply if Nord University receives free movers in the year in question. Students from SEA-EU-partners are prioritized, followed by students from universities with whom FLU has an Erasmus+ agreement.

Thereafter, free movers can be given admission.


The candidate

  • has knowledge about the Norwegian language on A2-level
  • has knowledge about Saami languages and culture – and both historic and contemporary social and political conditions
  • has knowledge about the Indoeuropean and the Finno-Ugric language groups and some of the language history
  • has knowledge about the different Saami letters in the alphabet and the most important pronunciation features
  • has knowledge about the casus system in Saami languages
  • has knowledge about international Indigenous social and political conditions
  • has knowledge about cultural and linguistic assimilation and revitalization
  • has knowledge about Saami reindeer herding and its importance for today’s language and culture
  • has knowledge about the use of materials within traditional Saami handicrafts, duedtie/doudji


The candidate

  • is able to listen to and understand freqently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. family, housing, education and work)
  • is able to read simple texts with information about basic topics
  • is able to interact in conversations with simple information on familiar topics and activities
  • is able to express oneself orally and be able to use several phrases and sentences in order to describe familiar and routine matters
  • is able to write simple texts, notes and messages
  • knows how to present oneself in Saami
  • knows how to respond to simple questions and have a basic conversation about student life in Saami
  • is able to point out Saami languages in the world´s linguistic map
  • can manage two basic techniques in Saami handicrafts like sowing in leather and making a cord in wool or leather


The candidate:

  • can understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and very simple statements about themselves and what is familiar and close.
  • can participate in very simple, familiar interaction situations if the interaction partners adapt the language and are supportive.
  • has basic knowledge about the casus system in Saami languages and how it differs from Scandinavian languages
  • has insight in and awareness and understanding for other cultures
  • knows how to approach people from other cultures and from minority and Indigenous cultures
  • knows about revitalization of Indigenous and minority cultures and languages worldwide
  • understands the importance of early language learning
  • has an understanding of the connection between land and people
  • can draw parallels between Saami culture and other Indigenous cultures

Costs for semester registration and course literature apply. It is expected that the student has a laptop.

More information for students with citizenship outside te EU/ EEA and Switzerland: https://www.nord.no/en/study-programmes/admission/tuition-fees