Justification and complaints

When you receive your results of admission, you have the right to ask for reasons and appeal the decision you have received.


Pursuant to section 24 of the Public Administration Act, you can ask for a justification for decisions made in connection with your application for admission. We advise you to ask for a justification before you decide to appeal the decision.

When we receive a request for a justification, we will assess your application again. If a mistake has been made in the assement of your application, we will correct it.

Once you have received a justification from us, it may also be easier for you to understand the decision.

Deadline for requesting a justification

You can request a justification within 3 weeks of receiving a response to your application by contacting us at admission@nord.no.

The appel period will run form the day you receive the justification.


If you believe that a mistake has been made during the assessment of your application, you can submit a complaint, cf. Section 28 if the Norwegian Administration Act.

In the complaint you must clearly state what you are complaining about and why you believe your application has been processed incorrectly, cf. Section 32 of the Administration Act.

If the admissions office find that a mistake has been made, the complaint can be upheld. If the admissions office does not see that any mistake have been made, the case will be sent to the Student affairs Committee at Nord University, which will make a final decision.

Deadline for complaining

According to section 28 of the Public Administration Act, you can appeal the deciscion no later than 3 weeks after you have received the results of admission. If you have asked for a justification, the deadline for making a complaint is within 3 weeks of receiving the justification.

How to file a complaint

You can submit a complaint using our online form.