Beata Joanna Godejord

Førsteamanuensis Handelshøgskolen
+47 75 05 79 74
STJCA 2.3219

Om meg/bakgrunn

Associate Professor, PhD 

PhD in Media Pedagogy, doctoral dissertation:  "Construction and Understanding of Meaning in Computer-Mediated Communication"

Post-Doc in Knowledge Media, research project: "Communication and Collaboration in Cross-Functional Teams. Digital Media as Mediating Artefacts", University of Aveiro, Portugal

Faculty group: Market, Organization and Management

Faculty research groups: Sustainable societies and technology development; Management, learning, communication and coordination in complex environments 

Field of research: Digitally mediated communication and learning

Specific research interest: Knowledge sharing in online environments

Fields of interests and expertise: Communication theory, Digital transformation

Research methods: Ethnography, Ethnomethodology, Phenomenology

Documentation of academic work: Cristin