Christopher Jonathan Hulatt

Førsteamanuensis Fakultet for biovitenskap og akvakultur
+47 75 51 73 86
Bodø, Brygga 003

Om meg/bakgrunn

I work with microalgae (protists) from marine and freshwater habitats. My research and teaching includes biotechnology applications together with the natural ecology, physiology and biogeochemical roles of microalgae. My current research projects include protist genomes, bioreactors and the microbial communities found on terrestrial snow and ice (snow-algae).

I am originally from the UK with degrees in Marine Biology, Environmental Protection and an industry-linked PhD in microalgal CO2 capture (EPSRC). I have previously worked on projects in isotope biogeochemistry (Helsinki Finland), greenhouse gas climate-warming (London) and microbial genome sequencing (MSCA United States).


Course Responsible for BIO2001 - Aquatic Microbiology

- Aquatic microbes and ecology, protist biology and biogeochemical cycles driven by microbes

- BSc Biology Program

Participant in Norwegian graduate program Photosyntech 


- Bioreactors​


My main research project focuses on trait variation and genetics in diatoms and how strains can be improved for biotechnology:

2021-2026. Research Council of Norway – Breeding and evolution of complex traits in phytoplankton cells. PI. 9.6 million nok.

2017-2020. Horizon 2020 European Commission MSCA fellowship – Genome sequencing microalgae, hosted at Colorado School of Mines, CO USA. PI. 231,000 Euro.

2021-2022. Mabit - Microalgae study with industrial partner.

Exchange-based research with PhD mobility in snow-algae physiology, genomics and community characterization:

2021-2022. Research Council of Norway Aurora Exchange Program. Deciphering the physiology of arctic snow algae and cell membrane stress responses. Partner University of Burgundy, Plant Sciences, Dijon France.​

2022. Norwegian partner in MASTS-SALTIRE research exchange project coordinated by the Scottish Association of Marine Science, Oban Scotland. PI Alex Thomson & Matt Davey.