Amy Elizabeth Eycott

Associate Professor
Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
Study location
STEB 333
My research focus is on the consequences of land use for biodiversity and ecosystem function. I am an ecologist with experience from forests in tropical, temperate and boreal biomes, plus heathlands and agroecosystems. My main themes are plant community ecology and landscape ecology and I enjoy some interesting side-projects in the ecology of insects and of grazing ungulates. Right now my main project is on grazing animals and ecological function in the Nordhordland Biosphere Reserve, as part of two wider projects on sustainable land management ( and
Bio1010 Vegetation, Climate and Geology
Bio201 Ecology
Bio2060 Botanical Species Knowledge
Responsible for the Terrestrial Ecology specialism in the MSc in Biology
I supervise projects at the bachelor, masters and PhD level. I am interested in new bachelor and master project students! For PhD opportunities please check - I cannot take on PhD students through other channels.
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