Employee photo: Giuseppe Grossi

Giuseppe Grossi

Nord University Business School
Study location
Smartocracy: Context entanglement of the smart city idea and bureaucracy in Russia 2022, Organization Studies: Khodachek, Igor Aleksandrovich; Aleksandrov, Evgenii; Nazarova, Nadezda; Grossi, Giuseppe; Bourmistrov, Anatoli
Standardizing local governments’ audit reports: for better or for worse? 2022, Public Money & Management: Bisogno, Marco; Grossi, Giuseppe; Manes-Rossi, Francesca; Santis, Serena
The future of public sector accounting research. A polyphonic debate 2022, Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management: Grossi, Giuseppe; Steccolini, Ileana; Adhikari, Pawan; Brown, Judy; Christensen, Mark; Cordery, Carolyn
Dialogic accounting through popular reporting and digital platforms 2021, Meditari Accountancy Research: Volum 29 Grossi, Giuseppe; Biancone, Paolo Pietro; Secinaro, Silvana; Brescia, Valerio
Governmentality and performance for the smart city 2019, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal: Volum 33 s. 204-232 Argento, Daniela; Grossi, Giuseppe; Jaaskelainen, Aki; Servalli, Stefania; Suomala, Petri
Smart City Standard 2023, Khodachek, Igor; Aleksandrov, Evgenii; Nazarova, Nadezda; Grossi, Giuseppe
Smart Cities for the High North? Mapping initiatives in Norway, Russia, Finland, and North America 2023, Aleksandrov, Evgenii; Khodachek, Igor; Dybtsyna, Elena; Nazarova, Nadezda; Middleton, Alexandra; Raspotnik, Andreas
Accounting for Whom and what direction?: opening smart city rankings to critical scrutiny 2020, Aleksandrov, Evgenii; Dybtsyna, Elena; Grossi, Giuseppe; Bourmistrov, Anatoli
Supportive Leadership and job satisfaction at the European Court of Auditores 2019, Umans, Timurs; Argento, Daniela; Grossi, Giuseppe; Mattei, Giorgia
Performativity for whom? Analysis of Smart City European ranking systems from dialogic perspective 2019, Dybtsyna, Elena; Aleksandrov, Evgenii; Bourmistrov, Anatoli; Grossi, Giuseppe
Actorhood of the European Court of Auditors: visual analyses 2019, Mattei, Giorgia; Umans, Timurs; Grossi, Giuseppe
Opening Smart City ‘fairy tale’ to Critical Scrutiny: insights from dialogic accounting literature 2018, Aleksandrov, Evgenii; Dybtsyna, Elena; Grossi, Giuseppe; Bourmistrov, Anatoli
Emerging streams of institutional theory in accounting research: current status and future directions 2018, Aleksandrov, Evgenii; Argento, Daniela; Bourmistrov, Anatoli; Grossi, Giuseppe
Opening Smart City to Critical Scrutiny 2018, Aleksandrov, Evgenii; Dybtsyna, Elena; Bourmistrov, Anatoli; Grossi, Giuseppe