Employee photo: Gøril Ursin

Gøril Ursin

Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences
Study location
Bodø, Samfunnet 216
Areas of expertise
Nursing education, Public health, Citizenship, Dementia care, Qualitative Research Methods
What is a High-Quality Moral Case Deliberation?-Facilitators’ Perspectives in the Euro-MCD Project 2024, HEC Forum: Jakobsen, Lena M; Molewijk, Bert; de Snoo-Trimp, Janine; Svantesson, Mia; Ursin, Gøril
Important outcomes of moral case deliberation: A Euro-MCD field survey of healthcare professionals' priorities 2019, Journal of Medical Ethics: Svantesson, Mia; de Snoo-Trimp, Janine; Ursin, Gøril; De Vet, Henrica CW; Brinchmann, Berit Støre; Molewijk, Albert Christiaan
Field-testing the Euro-MCD Instrument: Experienced outcomes of moral case deliberation 2019, Nursing Ethics: s. 1-17 de Snoo-Trimp, Janine C.; Molewijk, Albert Christiaan; Ursin, Gøril; Brinchmann, Berit Støre; Widdershoven, G. A. M.; CW de Vet, Henrica
Ny innpakning for helsedirektørens kinderegg 2015, Dagens medisin: Lotherington, Ann Therese; Ursin, Gøril; Obstfelder, Aud
Citizenship for Younger Persons with Dementia 2015, Lotherington, Ann Therese; Ursin, Gøril; Obstfelder, Aud
Ethical challanges in a puchaser unit - between the sheets 2013, Ursin, Gøril; Brinchmann, Berit Støre; Solvoll, Betty-Ann