Ole Petter Vestheim

Associate Professor
Faculty of Education and Arts
Levanger, C Nylåna 4.222

I am educated as a general teacher from the former Nord-Trøndelag University College (today Nord University). After completing my teacher's education in 2003, I took a master's degree in physical education with focus on how young people understood and explained how they got socialized into the phenomenon friluftsliv (outdoor life). After finishing the master's degree in 2005 I worked as a teacher in primary and lower secondary school.

I got involved as a Ph.D.-student in a research project, Learning Regions, in 2012. The PhD project focused on practice in schools that had achieved good results in national tests in Norway over time. Following the public defence in 2017, I have continued to explore how various aspects of external school assessment, accountability and public announcement of school results affect the school's practice and policy.

I currently teach at at the Faculty of Teacher Education and Arts. In recent years I have mainly taught pedagogy within primary and lower secondary teacher education and at the course Nordic and International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning. The latter is an international course with students from countries around Europe.

In addition, I supervise students who take a master's degree in adapted learning with specialization in special education needs and a few doctoral students at the Science of Professions program.

I am a leader in the research group Profession, Practice and Development in Kindergarten and School. The research group develops knowledge about professionalism and professional practice. Through research at both micro and macro levels, and by using different theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches, the research group contributes to a dynamic approach to the field, as well as to a broad understanding of the concept of professionalism and what professional practice and development can entail.
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