Employee photo: Per Arne Godejord

Per Arne Godejord

Associate Professor
Nord University Business School
Study location
STJCA 2.3219
Areas of expertise
ICT, Social cybersecurity, Biometric security systems, Privacy, Preparedness, Preparedness exercise, Social Media in time of war, Social Informatics, Computer Games and Information Security
  • Senior Lecturer in Computer Science - Information Security and Student Active Learning (2003).
  • Cand.Polit.: Majoring in Information Science (UiB, 1991 - Theme: Biometric security systems, electronic payment services and privacy); including major specialization in Public Law, focusing on Employment Law and Police Law.
  • Pedagogical Seminar (UiB, 1991).
  • Further specialization in Tactical Evaluation and Guidance (The Home Guard School, 2012), and Information Security (NSM, 2022)
  • Fields of interests and expertise: Biometric security systems, Security Awareness, Corporate E-Learning, ICT and Law, and Tactical Evaluation and Guidance.
  • Conscripted Staff Advisor Rank 7/ Captain (Ret.), Norwegian Civil Defence.
  • Language competance: English - C2 Proficient. / German - Basic
  • Field of Teaching: ICT and Learning 1 and 2 (AE study programs) and Digital Preparedness (MBA topic)
  • Course coordination/main lecturer: ORG5005, IKT1013, IKT1014, IKT1016, ​IKT1024 /Other courses: IKT1022, IKT1023
  • Lecturing abroad: MA-students at University of Zielona Gora, Poland, November 2006, September 2007 and January 2008. Students of the Scientific Circle, including PhD.-students, University of Szczecin, Poland, May 2010

Focus: The use of computer games in Cyber Security training and digital self-preparedness; including use of social media in war with particular focus on disinformation and grassroots movements of the NAFOfellas type. Student-active Teaching in asynchronous online courses.

Member of the advisory group for "Dependency on digital infrastructure and building capability for Societal safety and resilience of digital infrastructure (Societal safety and digital infrastructure)

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