Employee photo: Umair Najeeb Mughal

Umair Najeeb Mughal

Senior Advisor
Research and Development Division
Study location
Bodø, Administrasjonsbygg 3.ETG
Areas of expertise
Research support, Research administration, The Research Council of Norway, Research fund, Internationalisation, Business and industry, Society, Science Technology Studies, Entrepreneurship

My primary role at Nord University is to serve as the societal and business contact person (samfunns- og næringslivskontakt). In this capacity, I aim to foster connections with various stakeholders and facilitate collaborations (both local and international). Additionally, I am providing support to faculties in their European Union (EU) applications, with a focus on MSCA PF, COFUND, and Cluster 5 initiatives. Furthermore, I offer assistance to TechLab.

My academic journey has been enriched by obtaining a Ph.D. in an interdisciplinary field that encompasses physics (specifically icing physics and fluid mechanics) and sensor technology from UiO. I have also earned a Master's degree in Mechanical (Design) Engineering from NED UET Pakistan and a Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering from NUST Pakistan. Before joining Nord University, I had the privilege of acquiring over six years of valuable experience as a researcher, teacher, and project manager at UiT Norway. Additionally, I expanded my knowledge in nonlinear control and robotics during my time at the UPC Spain, as well as in mechanical vibration and wind energy during my tenure at NED UET Pakistan. To complement my academic credentials, I pursued professional development and obtained certifications in ISO 14001, electric cars, future cities, blockchain for businesses, entrepreneurship through EIT Climate-KIC program, circular economy, risk-based thinking, HSE management, project management, climate-energy challenges, climate-related economic risks and opportunities, and wind power.

Throughout my professional journey, I have had the opportunity to build a vast network of connections and establish meaningful business and social relationships in Nordland, and Troms and Finmark counties. Additionally, my experiences living and traveling to numerous countries across four continents have granted me a global perspective that I bring to my work.

So, if you:

i. have any inquiries regarding Nord University's business and social partners,,

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