Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences at Nord University is one of Norway's largest centres for education and research in the field of social sciences. The faculty has active researchers in disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, history, journalism, political science, social work and psychology. Research carried out at the faculty also takes the form of applied and cross-disciplinary projects. Several researchers at the faculty participate in international research networks. The Faculty of Social Sciences and Nordland Research Institute cooperate closely on various types of research projects.

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    Master in Social ScienceMargit Konstanse Jensen ​(+47) 75 51 71 69

    Introduction to Norwegian society, welfare, development and language

    ​Norwegian Language and Society

    Synnøve Dalmo Tollåli(+47) 75 51 72 63

    3D art, Animation and VFX

    Circumpolar studies

    Film and TV Production

    Games and Entertainment Technology

    Nordic Politics and Society

    Ole Christian Tidemann(+47) 74 11 20 31
    PhD in SociologyMathilde Dagsvik Ottesen
    (+47) 75 51 79 49