Hiring process

  • Normal case processing

    1. Registration of the case.
    2. Appointment of an expert committee, tasked with completing an academic/professional assessment of the application.
    3. Submission of the committee's report, which ranks the applicants who are qualified for the position, and which concludes the committee's work.
    4. Evaluation of the suitability of the applicants. Ranked applicants are invited to attend an interview, which is followed by a trial lecture and reference check.
    5. Recommendations submitted to the Board of Appointments for Academic and Research Positions.
    6. The Appointments Board processes the recommendations and adopts a decision regarding appointment.
    7. Offer of employment sent to Applicant. If Nord and Applicant 1 do not come to an agreement regarding the terms of appointment, or Applicant 1 refuses the offer, the offer may be sent to Applicant.
    8. All applicants are advised that the appointment process has been concluded.

    Information during the appointment process

    1. Applicants receive an automatically generated confirmation that their applicant has been received.
    2. Following the application deadline, applicants are provided with the public applicant list.
    3. Applicants are provided with information about the appointment of an expert committee.
    4. Applicants are sent the report of the expert committee, and have the opportunity to submit remarks relating to the same.
    5. Applicants are informed that the appointment has been filled, and the process is concluded.

    Expert committee and local recommendations committee

    All appointments to teaching and research positions at Nord occur on the basis of an expert assessment. The Dean appoints the expert committee.

    The expert committee assesses the academic/professional qualifications of the applicants and prepares an evaluation of the candidates' expertise.

    This evaluation, which usually ranks the three best applicants, is forwarded to the local recommendations committee (a professionally/academically representative group comprised of 3-5 people). The local recommendations committee conducts interviews, trial lectures and reference checks. There are no trial lectures for appointments of doctoral research fellows and post-doctoral research fellows.

    On the basis of their assessment, the recommendations committee may change the ranking of the candidates. Subsequently, a recommendation for appointment is presented to the Appointments Board, who adopts a decision regarding appointment.

    Interviews, references and trial lectures

    Nord routinely utilizes interviews and reference checks during the hiring process. These are conducted by the recommendations committee.
    For appointment to permanent research and teaching positions, the highest ranked candidates will be invited to give a trial lecture, which forms part of the basis for assessment of the applicants.

    Process duration

    The assessment of the expert committee is usually available within three months of the committee's appointment. However, the entire process often takes longer than this. Applicants can expect the process, from application deadline to appointment, to take between five to ten months.

  • The appointment process for technical and administrative positions usually takes between one and two months following expiry of the application deadline.

    After the deadline, the Human Resources (HR) division distributes the public applicant list to the candidates. If an applicant has requested confidentiality, HR will assess the merits of the application, and make a determination about whether to grant or refuse confidentiality. Should HR reject the request, the applicant will be informed and have the opportunity to withdraw their application.

    An extended applicant list can be sent to applicants upon request.

    Interviews and recommendations

    1. Nord designates a recommendations committee for each position announcement. The recommendations committee is usually comprised of a leader, a professional from the department that is hiring, and a labour union representative.
    2. Upon expiry of the application deadline, the recommendations committee reviews the applications, subsequently selecting and conducting interviews of relevant candidates. The Board of Appointments for Technical and Administrative Positions must approve the selection. The recommendations committee may choose to call in to a second round of interviews, should they see fit.
    3. After the interview process is completed, the recommendations committee prepares a written recommendation for presentation to the Appointments Board.


    1. The recommendation is processed by the Appointments Board. The Board is comprised of representatives for the employer and employees. However, representatives for the employer constitute the majority. The Board meets two times a month.
    2. Once a recommendation is approved and a decision about appointment adopted by the Board, HR sends an offer of employment to the successful candidate.
    3. When the position has been filled, other candidates are notified that the appointment process is completed.