Aids for written on-site examinations

Permitted examination aids vary from course to course. It is important to check the overview of permitted aids for each examination.

Before the examination starts

All preparation for examinations shall take place outside the examination room. For digital examinations, only Inspera shall be active on the candidate's PC. No other websites, documents or apps shall be used, unless this is clearly specified in the course description or examination paper. You can find course description via course search on our website.

What is permitted?

The candidate shall in principle not have anything but writing utensils, a PC for a digital examination, valid proof of identity, and food and drink at his/her place. 

Use of mobile phones, watches and other communicative electronics is not permitted during an examination. These devices shall be switched off and placed in the designated area in the premises together with purses, backpacks, bags and outerwear (ref. Section 3 of the Guidelines for examination candidates at Nord University). 

  • The following calculators are approved for use in examinations at Nord University, assuming calculators are on the list of permitted aids for the relevant course:

    Simple calculators with a screen comprised of one line, and no buttons other than:

    • the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9
    • the four basic functions, addition, multiplication, division and subtraction
    • percentage function
    • square root function
    • decimal point
    • equals function
    • memory functions M, M+ and M

    Other simple calculators that are permitted:

    • Casio fx-82 series. All calculators from Casio with model number fx-82 with one or more letters (but not numbers) in the model designation.
    • Citizen SR-270X, Citizen SR-270X College and Citizen CDC80
    • Math Mt633 plus
    • Hewlett Packard HP30S
    • Casio FC-100 and Casio FC-100V
    • TI BA-II Plus. All calculators from Texas Instruments with model number BA-II Plus with one or more letters (but not numbers) in the model designation.

    Any other permitted calculators must be designated by name in the course description, or under the permitted aids list on the examination cover page.
    Calculators must be in pocket format.

    No calculator should:

    • be connected to electricity
    • be able to communicate with other devices
    • have any communication/read functions other than the display
    • make noise.

    The student is responsible for acquiring a permitted calculator.

  • Bilingual dictionaries are permitted, unless otherwise stated in the course description.


All aids you bring to an examination must be presented for inspection and must be in compliance with the Guidelines for the incorporation of permitted aids for examinations at Nord University (pdf).

If the permitted aids are inspected before the examination papers are distributed, the examination will be regarded as having commenced when the inspection of aids starts. All non-permitted aids at the candidate's place during this type of aid inspection, before or during the examination, will be considered cheating.

See Sections 11-14 of the Guidelines for examination candidates at Nord University, for further information on the inspection of aids (pdf).

What happens if I bring something that is not permitted?

If non-permitted aids are found at the candidate's place, or hidden away elsewhere before the inspection of aids or the start of the examination, it may be considered attempted cheating.