Special examination arrangements

In the event of health problems or reduced functional ability, you may be entitled to special examination arrangements according to given criteria.

Deadline for applying for special arrangements for an examination is September 1st for the autumn semester and February 1st for the spring semester.

IMPORTANT: Submit the application by the deadline even if the necessary documentation is not in place. The documentation can be submitted later.

  • You can apply for special arrangements for an examination if you have:

    • a functional impairment
    • a medical condition
    • other special needs that result in significant disadvantages in an examination situation compared with others
    • an acute injury or illness

  • The purpose of special examination arrangements is to compensate for a functional impairment to the greatest extent possible, without it giving the student an unreasonable advantage. 

    Special arrangements that entail a reduction in the academic requirements for the individual course or study programme will not be granted.

    Look at the guidelines for examples of special arrangements you can apply for.

    The university may grant special​ examination arrangements for the normal duration of a study programme for candidates with long-term needs for special arrangements. If you are delayed in your studies beyond the normal duration, you must apply again.

  • You apply for special examination arrangements using eDialog

    eDialog offers a way to send digital letters that are exempt from public disclosure in a safe and easy way. All submissions go through a secure channel. 

    1. Fill out the application form

    2. Log in to ​eDialog using an electroic ID

    3. Fill out the required fields in eDialog, upload the application form and other attachements. ​

    NB: Tick off the box for sensitive information if applicable. 

  • When applying for special arrangements for an examination, you must attach documentation from a medical doctor or other expert. The documentation shall state which needs and special arrangements are recommended or considered necessary. 

    The measures that are granted shall be sufficient, but will not always be in line with your own or your doctor's assessment. 

  • Deadline for applying for special arrangements for an examination: 

    • Autumn semester: 1 September
    • Spring semester: 1 February

    In cases where the need for special arrangements has arisen after the application deadline, or there are other special reasons, applications may still be considered. In such cases, the application must be submitted without undue delay, and no later than one (1) week prior to the examination.

  • When the application deadline has passed, the applications will be processed on an ongoing basis.