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One year programme

Animal Welfare, 60 credits


Programme description

Animal welfare is a topic of increased attention in today`s society. This one-year programme in Animal Welfare combines courses that provide a basic introduction to livestock keeping and courses focusing on animal welfare in a wider context. This one-year programme may constitute the 1st study year of the bachelor`s programme in Animal Sciences - Welfare and Production at Nord University.

Career opportunities

If you continue on the in Animal Sciences - Welfare and Production, bachelor`s programme you will qualify for various posts on consultant and middle management levels where theoretical competence and practical insight into livestock keeping is required.

Student exchange

The study programme does not have an option to study abroad.

Following further studies

The one-year programme in Animal Welfare is equivalent to the first year of study of the Bachelor Programme in Animal Sciences. Students may apply for transfer to the Bachelor Programme upon finishing at least 50 of the 60 study credits in the one-year programme.
Higher education entrance qualification. Norwegian language proficiency. This programme is only taught in Norwegian. If you do not meet the Norwegian language proficiency requirements, you do not qualify for admission. View general admission and documentation requirements.