Picture of aquaculture cages in arctic fjord
Shorter programme

Aquaculture and Marine Biosciences


This semester package explores how understanding fish in their natural marine habitat can be leveraged to enhance fish farming.

Programme description

This semester package is for bachelor's-level exchange students pursuing to gain in-depth knowledge in aquaculture in Northern Norway and other topics in marine biology. It provides a solid background on different aspects of marine biosciences.

This semester package is offered to exchange students from our partner universities.

The applicant must

  • be a full-time student on a bachelor's programme in biology or other related fields
  • have completed a minimum of 1.5 years of their degree.

Exchange students are admitted on the basis of nomination by their home institution. The student must first apply to their home university to participate. The home institution will provide the student with information about the admission requirements.

Please go to student exchange to Nord for more information about the admissions process at Nord University.

The semester package can generally be acknowledged as one semester of undergraduate education at universities, related to study programmes within aquaculture, marine biology or ecology. Upon transfer to our BSc in Biology and graduation in the programme, students are qualified for Master in Biology and Aquaculture.

On successful completion of the course, the student should


  • be able to demonstrate knowledge of farming salmon, halibut, cod and Balean wrasse
  • be able to develop in-depth knowledge of fish physiology
  • have an understanding of the ocean as an environment for living organisms


  • be able to explain the principles used in the farming of actual species from egg to harvest
  • be able to explain how different fish groups are adapted to function optimally in their environment
  • be able to define and use key concepts in basic physical oceanography

General competence:

  • be able to discuss actual challenges as welfare and sustainability in the aquaculture industry
  • be trained in giving oral and written presentations
  • be able to adopt a critical stance towards "taken for granted" or common-sense understandings of oceans as physical environments

The language requirements do not apply to students with English as their first language. 

Courses for exchange students are carried out in English and we expect you to have sufficient fluency in English in order to cope with your courses from the start. 

Level B2 required

  • You are required to have a minimum of level B2 (CEFR) for all courses offered to exchange students.
  • Level B2 (CEFR) is equivalent to IELTS minimum score: 5.0 or TOEFL minimum score: 60.

How to document your English proficiency

  • We consider your nomination by your home university as confirmation of your English proficiency at level B2.

Exchange students who would like to apply for degree studies at Nord must be able to meet the language requirements: 

If you are planning to apply for courses taught in Norwegian, please contact our international coordinator Jose De Pool.

The students are expected to pay for the syllabus literature and to possess a laptop with microphone and camera. Cost for some elective couses may apply, max. NOK 2000,-.

Exchange students are exempt from paying semester and tuition fees.