One year programme

Business Administration


Programme description

Are you interested in an elementary introduction to how economic decisions are made? If so, then this one year program is for you! All organizations need people with knowledge and skills in economics and management. The study contains basic economic, administrative and legal assessments, calculations, theories and tools. The teaching language is Norwegian.

Career opportunities

The one year program qualifies for simple tasks in business and public administration. Knowledge in economics and management will make any candidate more attractive in working life in combination with other types of education and competencies.
Admission is based on the general admission or prior learning under current rules.
It is not facilitated for exchange in the one-year program.

Description of goals and learning outcomes


The candidate must:

  • Have knowledge of key themes, theories, issues, tools and methods in business administration, administration and methodology.
  • Knowledge on key topics in ethics, philosophy and law.
  • Knowledge on research and development within different business economics.
  • Have knowledge of history and traditions in economics and management.


The candidate must:

  • Be able to apply professional knowledge to practical, legal and theoretical issues and explain their choices
  • Be able to find, evaluate and refer to information and subject matter and present this to highlight a problem
  • Be able to master relevant professional tools, techniques and expressions
  • Be able to use ICT to solve various academic issues with relevant software.

General competence

The candidate must:

  • Have insight into relevant professional and occupational issues
  • Be able to present key subjects in writing, such as theories, issues and solutions.
  • Be able to exchange views with others based on the subject area and participate in discussions on the development of good practice.
  • Knowledge about new thoughts and innovation processes.
No specific costs other than semester registration fee and course literature.