engelske bøker

Programme description

The English One Year Programme is an in-depth introduction to ideas that matter in today’s cultural discourse. Explore the English language, its literature and cultures, and how these affect society, in an inclusive, student-centered environment. The programme focuses on relevant linguistic and literary topics, and aims to educate students within these fields and to prepare students for continuing their studies in this discipline. The programme consists of four courses of 15 ECTS credits each. The courses are English Language and Linguistics, British Studies, English Education, and American Studies.

Career opportunities

Students of English find employment in a wide range of occupations. Good language skills are essential for success in higher education, and will make you attractive on the job market. We encounter English through work, school and the media, and it is increasingly expected that we master this world language.

The programme can be incorporated into full degree Bachelor programmes. It also facilitates professional language and communication development for professionals working across a range of fields in both the public and private sectors, including communication, tourism, culture, education and social work.

Student exchange

The course in British Studies includes a compulsory study trip to the Norwegian Study Center in York, UK. This is a popular and exciting opportunity to experience England. Students who do not have the opportunity to participate must complete a compensatory written homework assignment while the other students are in York.

Following further studies

The completed English One Year Programme can count toward continued academic study in various disciplines, at Nord and other universities. It provides a 60 ECTS foundation in English that can fit into or supplement other studies.

Higher Education Entrance Qualification, acceptance into the English one year programme or other programmes at Nord University, and/or international / exchange student status at Nord University.

It is recommended to have English as a specialization subject in upper secondary school. Students are advised to acquire and familiarize themselves with the course literature at the start of the term.