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Procurement Manager


Programme description

All businesses depend to a greater or lesser extent on input from a number of subcontractors in order to produce their own goods and services. A competent management of the procurement process will be an important source of control of production and thus also the business's financial performance. Experience shows that businesses have great potential for improvement in knowledge, skill, and the organization and management of procurement processes.

Career opportunities

The program qualifies to work with procurement processes in both private and public sector. Position as purchaser or purchasing manager will be relevant.

Teaching methods

The course is an online programme, with video lectures and webinars.

After completing the study program the candidate should have obtained the following learning outcomes:


  • Has broad knowledge of key procurement theories and perspectives
  • Has broad knowledge of key theoretical concepts
  • Can describe key elements in an procurement process


  • Analyze and explain key issues in an procurement process
  • Identify key procurement issues
  • Assess and contribute to the development of procurement processes

General competence

  • With the help of procurement theory is able to understand and reflect independently on procurement issues in both the private and public sectors
  • Is able to attend both in writing and orally in a debate about procurement processes
  • Be able to account for key ethical issues
No tuition fees. Costs for semester registration and course literature apply.