Adventure Knowledge

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Autumn 2020 (1. semester)

Elective courses
10 sp
10 sp
The study program is directed at foreign exchange students who through activities wish to learn about Northern Norway. The study programme is suitable for everyone working with human relations as teachers, in the tourism-industry, as art and culture presenters, or in the health service. The students participate in activities encouraging experience and learning. The learning outcomes through activities in different subjects as geology, outdoor activities, art, cultural heritage, and experience-based pedagogy are articulated in essays and blog. The programme is divided into 3 separate courses of 10 ECTS each: Course 1: Experience of Nature Course 2: Experience of Art, Architecture and Cultural Heritage Course 3: Experience Pedagogy The courses can be taken independently of one another. This makes the courses compatible with other courses offered by Nord university.
The different courses describe specific their different learning outcomes. However, all courses focuses on the natural and cultural landscape of Nordland through geo-, outdoor-, art-, and cultural heritage-experiences. Through different activities the students will, therefore, gain a consciousness and insight of the identity of people, the North-Norwegian society, and the nature people are adapting to.
Adventure Knowledge provides a great specialization for students who wish to work with programme development, planning or implementation across a range of fields in both public and private sectors, including tourism, culture, social work and education. The package provides a unique experience for teachers.
This depends on the main Bachelor study programme.
The programme Adventure Knowledge is directed at foreign students. Norwegian students are also encouraged to join the study programme.
The students are charged for accommodation costs, c. 300 NOK per night, on compulsory field-trips in two of the courses ¿ specified in course-descriptions. No tuition fees. Costs for semester registration and course literature apply.
See separate course descriptions
See separate course descriptions
The programme is evaluated via student questionnaire, as well as by the programme coordinator. The evaluations form a part of the university's quality assurance system.