Pre-School Teacher Education

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Autumn 2025 (3. semester)

Spring 2026 (4. semester)

Autumn 2026 (5. semester)

Spring 2027 (6. semester)

Autumn 2027 (7. semester)

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Spring 2028 (8. semester)

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Pre-school teacher studies are designed with a professional focus. The academic profile of the programme emphasises the enquiring and creative child. The complete individual, and the child's right to develop into their own person, that takes center stage in the activities of pre-school teachers. One important task is related to the child's growth and development: giving the child the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes, with a basis in culture and values, that provide the basis for future personal growth and learning in school and in the community. Pre-school teacher studies emphasise pedagogical leadership and qualify graduates for pedagogical work with children in kindergartens.
The university has different continuing and further education for Early Childhood Teachers. These differ from year to year. With a bachelor's degree as an Early Childhood Teacher the student can apply for admission to master degree programmes depending on the combinations of subjects the student has from the bachelor programme.
The programme enables students to take 30 ECTS credits (a semester) abroad, in addition to the opportunity of having supervised professional training abroad.
Semester registration fee and course literature.
The programme uses different forms of assessment (see course descriptions).Assessments takes the form of written exams, portfolio assessment, home exams, online exams, oral exams and practical exams. Information about compulsory submissions, compulsory participation in class, practice and other forms of assessment specified as "compulsory" are given in the course descriptions.
The programme is evaluated via student questionnaire, as well as by the programme director. The evaluations form a part of the University's quality assurance system.
The students are under suitability assessment throughout the course of study