to barn som klemmer
Bachelor’s programme

Pre-School Teacher Education

Bodø, Nesna, Levanger, Kolvereid

Programme description

Do you want an occupation where each day is different from the last, and offers its own brand of excitement? Can you see yourself as a leader, working with children, parents and colleagues? Pre-school teachers provide children with the conditions for development through play and learning; through song, philosophical exchanges, toboggan rides and much more. It is no simple professional task to provide children with the best possibilities for positive development, which is why UiN educates pre-school teachers that can offer a great degree of professional knowledge, engagement, inventiveness and solid occupational understanding.
The programme enables students to take 30 ECTS credits (a semester) abroad, in addition to the opportunity of having supervised professional training abroad.
The university has different continuing and further education for Early Childhood Teachers. These differ from year to year. With a bachelor's degree as an Early Childhood Teacher the student can apply for admission to master degree programmes depending on the combinations of subjects the student has from the bachelor programme.
Semester registration fee and course literature.