Akhtar Hussain

Fakultet for sykepleie og helsevitenskap
Bodø, Samfunnet E148

I am aslo the President of International Diabetes Federation (An Unbrella organization including 240 Membar associations from 170 Countries or Terrotories. In Official relation with the WHO and the UN. Have the mail office in Brussels

Scientific Coordinator: €œGenomic and lifestyle predictors of foetal outcome relevant to diabetes and obesity and their relevance to prevention strategies in South Asian peoples (GIFTS). FP7-HEALTH-2011 with 11 land and 17 partner Institutions. Total Budget 5 Mil. Euro. ( 2011 €“ 2015)

Vice Coordinator: International network of Excellence for Prevention of Diabetes among Immigrants IMMIDIAB(genetic and lifestyle for Prevention andv Treatment of Diabetes). Project is financed by EU (FP 6-504839) with 6 european cvountries 3 asian Countries on 1 African Country. (2002-2004)

Coordinator: " Type 2 diabetes and lifestyle in ethnic minorities in Oslo, and in populations in Pakistan, Bangladesh and China (Lifediab)" Norwegian Research Council NRC (GLOBAL HELSE) for(2006-2010) with a budget of NOK 3,5 mill.

Coordinator: Norad's Programme for Master Studies, NOMA (2006-2015) Integrated Masters Programs (M.Phil.) in Public Health Research in Asia (Bangladesh- Nepal,Bhutan, India and Pakistan) with NOK 12 million.

Chair, Steering Committee: DIABETES CARE MANAGEMENT PROJECT: (DCMP) Empowerment of Primary Health Care Physicians through Early Detection and Monitoring of Diabetic Retinopathy and its Impact on Diabetes Care (2016 €“ 2019). Multi centre study (China, Korea, Bangladesh €“ Phase I, Tanzania and Brazil €“ Phase II. (NOK 50 million)

Have initiated collaboration for type 2 diabetes research with Oslo as coordinator with 21 academic partners of which 16 are from the European Academic Institutions and 4 from Asia and one from Africa.

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