Alexandre Detain

Fakultet for biovitenskap og akvakultur
Bodø, Styrhuset 215
PhD candidate studying the physiology of snow algae under stress conditions.
Bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry - University of Burgundy (Dijon - France)
Master's degree in Health/Biology : Integrative Biology of Plant/Microbe/Environment Interactions - University of Burgundy / AgroSup Dijon (Dijon - France)
Master's thesis : Induction of pea transformants overexpressinf WEE1 cell cycle checkpoint kinase for abiotic stress tolerance (INRAE - Dijon)
The aim of the research is to understand how these extremophiles cope and proliferate under harsh conditions, including, high light, cold, dessication, etc.
Isolation of snow algae in Northern Norway 2022,;Suzuki, Hirono; Detain, Alexandre; Hulatt, Christopher Jonathan