Mikhail Kosmynin

Fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap
Bodø, Hovedbygning E314
Entrepreneurship, Social entrepreneurship, Innovation, Leadership and Innovation Division, Qualitative Research Methods

Mikhail is an Associate Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at the Innovation and Leadership Division, the Faculty of Social Sciences, Nord University. He obtained his PhD with his dissertation ''The doings of social entrepreneuring: processes and practices of social venturing with public collaboration.'' During his doctoral studies, he has been a visiting scholar at the Stockholm Business School.

His research interests lie in the area of entrepreneurship with a particular focus on social entrepreneurship, social venturing, partnering for societal impact as well as impact investing. His research involves the use of qualitative methods to consider diverse aspects of these exciting phenomena.

Before starting an academic career, Mikhail gained diverse professional experience in internationalization, Corporate Social Responsibility, sports and tourism industry. Mikhail holds a master's degree from Nord University and the University of Northern British Columbia in Canada.

I'm involved in teaching and supervision ;at both bachelor's and master's level.

Available for supervising students and particularly welcome strong applicants who share my research interests in entrepreneurship.


ENT5008 Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Nord Business School

OR335S Innovasjon i tjenesyting

ORG2000 Project Management ;

Guest lecturing ;for the course in social entrepreneurship organized by the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, May ;2020 ;

Social entrepreneurship, social venturing, partnering for societal impact, impact investing, entrepreneurship as practice (EaP)

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Professional memberships and affiliations:

Entrepreneurship as Practice Research ;Community

European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship ECSB

NORSI – Nordic Research School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Creation | the House of Innovation, the ;Stockholm School of Economics, External member

Research group Leadership and Innovation

Institute for small business and entrepreneurship

PhD in sociology: Social Entrepreneurship,The doings of social entrepreneuring: Processes and practices of social venturing with public collaboration’. (Date of award: 11 Marth 2022)

Supervisory team: Professor Elisabet Carine Ljunggren, Dean, Nord university &; Professor Sarah Jack, Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg Professor of Innovative and Sustainable Business Development, Stockholm School of Economics​