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13th Enoch Seminar – Nangeroni MeetingBodø6/3/2022 11:30:00 AM5/29/2022 2:30:00 PMhttps://www.nord.no/en/news-events/calender/Pages/nangeroni-konferansen-2022.aspx13th Enoch Seminar – Nangeroni Meeting



Exchange student: "We protect what we are connected to"“When we feel connected to something, we will also protect it. Therefore, I think friluftsliv as a teaching method is very valuable“, says Svenja (24) from Bamberg University, Germany. She is one of the students on Adventure Knowledge, a semester programme at Nord University, Campus Bodø.https://www.nord.no/en/news-events/news/Pages/Exchange-student-We-protect-what-we-are-connected-to.aspxExchange student: "We protect what we are connected to"
Death in Adventdalen ValleyRotten carcasses can be a macabre sight in nature. But they can also be a great gift in terms of biodiversity. https://www.nord.no/en/news-events/news/Pages/Death-in-Adventdalen-Valley.aspxDeath in Adventdalen Valley
Values on the international agendaDemocracy is under threat, the debate climate is brutal and values we consider as obvious are under threat. – We must learn from history, says trio of professors organising an international conference on values.https://www.nord.no/en/about/faculties-and-centres/faculty-of-education-and-arts/articles/Pages/danning-og-verdier-pa-den-internasjonale-timeplanen.aspxValues on the international agenda